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In other words, there are a lot more normal people with high normal, upper limit of normal, borderline QT.

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Transmural ischemia induced by balloon occlusion (average total occlusion time, 40 seconds) resulted in QTc interval prolongation in 100% of patients.

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In this study, we confirmed that young type 1 diabetic patients have important QTc prolongation, with QTc values up to 578 ms.February 03, 2006 February 3, 2006-- A recent analysis of the prospective, population-based Rotterdam Study found that prolongation of the heart-rate corrected QT (QTc) interval increased the risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in adult patients by 60%, independent of other.

However, a normal or borderline long QT interval may be observed in up to 50% of patients with LQTS because of the intermittent nature of QT prolongation.


Background—Prolongation of the QT interval after exercise can be used to help diagnose long-QT syndrome, especially when the resting QT interval is borderline.

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The most sensitive and specific predictor of prolonged QTc and QTIIc was anisocytosis.PR and QRSd are normal. the QTc interval is the one of interest (as opposed to the QT itself) Normal QTc depends on a number of factors and is considered below from 400 to 440 and tends to be higher in women than men.QTc Prolongation and Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death: Is the Debate Over.By correcting the QT to represent a rate of 60, we are able to compare QT intervals of varying heart rates with a pretty set degree of consistency.The most commonly used is the Bazett formula while the others are Fridericia, Hodges, and Framingham formulas.

This review presents an approach to evaluating the asymptomatic patient with a borderline long QT interval, which incorporates a.Background— Heart rate-corrected QT interval (QTc) is the traditional method of assessing the duration of repolarization.This allows comparison of QT values over time at different heart rates and improves detection of patients at increased risk of arrhythmias.The QTc interval was lengthened by 32 ms, from an average maximum of 423 ms at baseline to 455 ms during balloon occlusion.These interlead differences, called QT interval dispersion or QT range, were proposed as an index of the spatial dispersion of the ventricular recovery times.

ABNORMAL QTc for men is above 450 and for women, above 470. so however you cook the pot, the numbers are normal or way.

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The QT interval was correct for the heart rate (QTc) using the Bazett formula (Heart 1920, 7:353).Thus, the QT is measured at the given heart rate, and the QTc estimates what the QT interval would be if the heart rate were 60.

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The QTc may not always be accurate, but is commonly used for diagnostic purposes.

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The qt interval is a little long (QTC normally less than 400) When reading an EKG a doctor looks at more than the numbers which is why I said your doctor may want to look at the QT interval.

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The QTc is considered prolonged if greater than 450 ms in males and 470 ms in females.Heart rate correction may also influence the QT during hypoglycemia while the type of insulin is insignificant.

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