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PPP2R5D antibody LS-C338928 is an unconjugated mouse monoclonal antibody to human PPP2R5D.

It has a reported sequence size of 185 amino acids and a mass of 19.9 kilodaltons.

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ENDOGENOUS ANTIGENS: Endogenous antigens are antigens which are generated in the normal cells through a regular cell metabolism or through an infected bacterial or viral cell.

The male-enhanced antigen-1 gene (Mea1) was initially isolated from a mouse prokaryotic expression cDNA library using pooled antisera against murine male cells.


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We describe here the development and testing of an inexpensive approach using polyclonal antibodies against four specific H-Y outer membrane proteins male enhanced antigen 1 (MEA 1), male enhanced antigen 2 (MEA 2), sex determining region Y (SRY) and testis determining factor (TDF).

MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE MALE ENHANCED ANTIGEN GENES NIH R01HD024384 May 1, 1988 - Apr 30, 1994 Role: Principal Investigator ORNG Applications.

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Kelch domain-containing protein 3 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the KLHDC3 gene.

Entries that appear without a reference are from this updated list from 2013.HIF-1 functions as a master regulator of cellular and systemic homeostatic response to hypoxia by.Presented below are ELISA kits for measuring HYS, another term for Male-enhanced antigen 1.

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MEA1 Antibody 66472-1-Ig has been identified with WB, ELISA. 66472-1-Ig detected 28 kDa band in rat testis tissue with 1:500-1:2000 dilution...

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Identification of this protein in Anopheles further confirms its broad evolutionary conservation, despite the.

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H-Y antigens are able to elicit an immune reaction when cells or tissues from a male donor are grafted to a female recipient.HIV antibody tests can detect infections in most people 3-12 weeks after exposure.

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